Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe

Body Coupe, Sport Cars, Sports, Supercar
Fuel type Patrol
Engine 5204 cc
Transmission Automatic
Drive RWD
Exterior Color orange, Red
Interior Color N/A
Seats 2
Doors 2
  • Auxiliary heating
  • Bluetooth
  • CD player
  • Central locking
  • ABS
  • ESP
Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe Rental Dubai

Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe

This car has a tricolour stripe along with the lowest of the door because it speeds alongside a street crossing the barren region. Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe Rental Dubai is available at exotic car rental Dubai to make your journey beautiful in Dubai. You can get this Lamborghini for rent in  Dubai for an hour according to your stay.SO,  go and rent a Lamborghini car in Dubai to make yourself feel at ease. Additionally, the Lamborghini price for rent in Dubai is affordable in our company.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe Rental Dubai

Rent this Lamborghini car in Dubai through exotic car rental Dubai. The duration for getting this Lamborghini for rent in Dubai can be for one hour, one day or for a week, it totally depend on you.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe Rental Dubai overview

this car has remodelled the concept of amazing sports automobiles and brought the notion of overall performance to levels never seen before. The car has been re-engineered in its entirety, as regards its weight, engine strength, chassis and notably through introducing a progressive system of lively aerodynamics: ala.

The usage of the provided solid composites, a shapable solid carbon fibre material patented by way of Automobili Lamborghini. It is an actual nice touch and it contributes to making the car even lighter in weight. Besides its remarkable technological residences, it additionally conveys a brand new concept of splendour.


Just hop in and drive to keep in mind that the performante is different from all the other huracán models because it was designed with one thing in thoughts: to be the fastest. The automobile has been completely updated, improving the engine, increasing the overall performance of the guidance and suspension. The use of ultra-light-weight substances, and introducing an innovative active aerodynamic gadget as a way to enhance the overall performance stage and using enjoy.

exterior design

Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe Rental Dubai has the front and rear spoilers are of solid composites, permit the aerodynamics exploitable to reap maximum overall performance by means of increasing or reducing the downforce as required. The new, even lighter wheel rims maintain the new Pirelli p 0 Corsa tyres, imparting super grip.


Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe Rental Dubai indoors

the interior absolutely displays the character of the huracán performante, this is to mention being the quickest. The indoors fittings make from the very best pleasant substances. The seats are of carbon fibre, the indoors elements of solid composites and the upholstery are from Alcantara. All extraordinarily light substances which make contributions to and growth performance.

there are numerous aspects that make this automobile the highest expression of the new idea of awesome sports activities automobile. the even more effective v10 engine, massive use of forged composites to make it even lighter in weight, the pdf 7-velocity dual-grab transmission and the brand new ala active aerodynamic gadget that controls air and directs it in its favour. it has ruled the circuit. now it’s going to rule your avenue. Altogether, go and get this Lamborghini for rent in Dubai for an hour, a week or for a month. Furthermore, the rent price for Lamborghini in Dubai will definitely be within your budget in our company.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe Rental Dubai engine

Totally renovated and redesigned with fluid dynamics optimized at each intake and exhaust. This engine is the aspirated v10 with the very best particular strength. The new intake ducts come without delay from Lamborghini motorsport’s experience and enhance response in any respect speeds. The double grab transmission (Idf)  in addition is perfect and now’s able to support even the very best overall performance. All this wrapped up within the even extra colourful and interesting sound of the new lightened exhaust gadget.


Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe Rental Dubai has an Aerodynamic Lamborghini attiva which is a smart and modern system that manages lively aerodynamics. ala adapts to the driving fashion and kind of route. When essential, it increases vertical load to help balance and velocity thru curves. It reduces aerodynamic resistance to help accelerate and reaching the pinnacle velocity.


The double-wishbone architecture of the huracán performante’s suspension structures guarantees the best stability between usability of the car and sports overall performance. The same old suspension also teams up with a non-compulsory gadget of magnetorheological surprise absorbers that right away respond to driving fashion. It also adapts to the road conditions and driving dynamics, enhancing manipulate over the car, particularly on the circuit.


The huracán performance is ready with electronic electricity guidance (eps), a machine that completely adapts to all driving styles. It always ensures the right strength help on both song and road, following all anima driving modes. The progressive Lamborghini dynamic steering (LDS) device is also available as a choice. It lets you dynamically exchange the guidance ratio, especially in Corsa mode, to get an extra direct response on the circuit.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante coupe Rental Dubai transmission

Consider you can have gearboxes in the equal unit: even as one tool engages, the subsequent already decide on to reduce moving time and be sure the shift occurs straight away and in the smoothest way feasible. By starting one seize and final the opposite. that is what the huracán performance is able to provide you. Thanks to its 7-velocity Lamborghini doppia frizione (IDF) twin-snatch transmission.


Even the brand new most important device panel pix of the huracán performance convey a feel of performance and velocity. In Corsa mode, the tachometer and gear indicator are honestly seen in the centre, similar to on a race automobile. Carplay and the Lamborghini telemetry system are to be had as alternatives. With carplay, you could pair your iPhone to the automobile to get the principal personal apps to be had to be displayed directly at the tool panel. With the Lamborghini telemetry gadget, however, you could report your overall performance in real-time. And analyze it afterwards to enhance your using abilities.


The all-wheel-drive gadget is electrical and guarantees greater speed and precision in shifting torque between the axles. All this becomes improved manage in all using situations. The gadget continuously varies the department of torque on the basis of the chosen riding mode and road situations. The result is exhilarating: improve strength switches on bends and whilst accelerating during annoying stretches of riding. And at the identical time better grip and protection at some point of day-to-day riding.

forged composites

forged composites are one of the secrets of the brand new huracán performance’s overall performance. It is the lightest and maximum resistant and modern cloth that Automobile Lamborghini uses today. It also allows additives with geometries on the coronary heart of the front and rear systems of the ala.

riding dynamics

there are numerous factors that make this vehicle the highest expression of the brand new idea of a splendid sports car. The even more effective v10 engine, huge use of forged composites to make it even lighter in weight. The IDF 7-pace dual-take hold of transmission. The new ala lively aerodynamic gadget that controls air and directs it in its want. It has dominated the circuit. now it’ll rule your avenue. exotic car rental Dubai gives this Lamborghini car for rent in Dubai at a very reasonable price so that you can enjoy its beautiful ride.


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