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A sports vehicle is a two-seater passenger vehicle that has high pace qualities, a powerful engine, and a low stance. For lovers of speed, sport, and at the same time stylish accompaniment, a sports car is the ideal choice. Sports cars are popular car models, and being behind the wheel of one is a dream for many people. Exotic car rental Dubai offers luxury sports Car Rental Dubai at very cheap prices. This is what allows this site to make you such diverse and varied offers in terms of cars to rent. In addition to this diversity of choice, the fact that this site mainly offers vehicles belonging to individuals can also give you several advantages. If we talk about the location where you can get your car then sports car rental Dubai will be delivered at Dubai airport, hotel, or any place you want.


Sports Car Rental Dubai

Take advantage of new technologies and tame some of the most advanced engines in the automotive world with our sports cars, available in Dubai. Tens of thousands of luxury and prestige models are part of the exotic car rental Dubai fleet and you can hire a sports car for a day or a weekend at your vacation spot or during a professional event. In addition, we have special offers on sports car rental.

Specialized in an exotic car in Dubai, the Exotic car rental Dubai company provides you with prestigious cars and yachts. Our company offers you its sports car rental services with or without a private driver. Whether for a simple trip in a car with a driver for business or for the pleasure of driving a sports vehicle like a Ferrari, Exotic car rental Dubai meets all your requests. With several years of experience in a luxury rental, in general, and in the provision of prestige cars, in particular, our team does everything possible to offer you the best services.

With Exotic car rental Dubai, the sports car becomes accessible! Ferrari rental Dubai, Porsche rental Dubai, or Lamborghini rental Dubai, the most prestigious automobile brands are available for rental for your viewing pleasure.

available 55 cars
  • Automatic
  • 4
  • 2
  • Automatic
  • 4
  • 2
Corvette Stingray 2021
  • Automatic
  • 2
  • 2
Chevrolet Camaro Coupe V6
  • 4
  • 2
  • Automatic
  • 5
  • 4
  • seven-speed automatic transmission
  • 5
  • 4
  • Automatic
  • 4
  • 2
Ford Mustang GT Coupe V8
  • Automatic
  • 4
  • 2


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Why rent a  sports car?

Well above all because it is cheaper. Going through this site allows you to make your dream come true and proudly drive a great sports car, obtained at an unbeatable price. You can use it to go to a party, to surprise your partner, or even to go to your wedding, and all this at a lower cost. The other advantage here is the wide variety of choices available to you because hundreds of cars are available to you.

Our cars are always in good condition, and ready to go. You will therefore not have to suffer the small breakdowns that usually occur on cars that have been parked for a long time. Know that wherever you are, we will deliver a sports car to your location. All you have to do is give a departure time, and the car will be ready for you, at the agreed location. On this site, you will also benefit from comprehensive insurance, to guarantee your safety and the peace of mind of the lessor. You will also be able to have very competent young drivers, to drive you anywhere, if perhaps you are unlicensed or if you cannot drive yourself. So make your reservation online with no unpleasant surprises.


With exotic car rental Dubai, a sports car can be reserved by phone, e-mail, or the Internet for professional needs such as a weekend, a vacation, a gift, a special occasion, or even to test a vehicle. In an agency or via the delivery service at a relay point, pick up your luxury car in town, at the airport, or even in front of your hotel for certain destinations. Note that some cars can only be reserved by phone. To find out where you can book the type of sports car you want to drive, see our rental vehicles by category and then let yourself be guided. You get the availability of the agency of your choice or suggestions to be able to book nearby. You can contact our reservation center for help with agencies, cars, or prices.

Renting a sports car: fast, efficient, discreet

A prestigious vehicle rental company with or without drivers is at your disposal for all your trips. We are at your service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to guarantee you prestigious assistance tailored to your needs. Exotic car rental Dubai and all its team will do everything to make your dream come true.

All categories (sports, American, SUV, sedans, and limousines) and all brands ( rental of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, rental of a Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Maserati,  rental a Ford Mustang, Corvette, Cadillac, ) available.

Rent a sports vehicle: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Sweep your gaze from a sports car, everything that comes before your eyes reveals another charm. At Exotic car rental Dubai, we offer you a new world. See the world differently in one of the many sports cars for a day, a weekend, a week, we have the right answer for your lifestyle. Beyond its timeless form, the pleasure of riding a sports car is measured by the professionalism and courtesy of your driver. Ours are renowned for their gallantry, their discretion, and their ease of expressing themselves in foreign languages. In addition, if we talk about the duration you can rent sports cars for any time duration such as hourly, weekly or monthly.

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Your advantages with Exotic Car Rental

At Exotic Cars:
up to 24 hours before collection

We have a new service – car delivery to the client. Now it’s even easier to rent a car, order the car you like, negotiate the place and time of delivery with our manager, and – our car is at your service exactly when and where you need it!

All machines and equipment are in excellent condition


What is a sports car rental Dubai price?

Renting a sports car in Dubai from exotic car rental Dubai makes your dream closer. You can feel what it means to be the owner of a premium car from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and other famous brands. Touch the irrepressible power, surprise those around you in a spectacular way. You can make your dream come true because in our company luxury sports car rental Dubai is available at very cheap prices. And we will do our best to make sports car rental convenient, safe, and profitable for you.

Sports car rental Dubai location

We will deliver sports car rental Dubai at any location you want such as Dubai airport, hotel, etc. In addition, we feel our responsibility and approach our work as carefully as possible. Therefore, all sports cars and supercars are thoroughly cleaned after each departure, regularly polished, and served to the client. Therefore, you can rest assured that in our rental you will receive sports cars in impeccable condition, both technical and external. We provide sports cars for rent in Dubai without a driver, as well as with a driver.

Why choose Exotic car rental Dubai?

To create this sports car and supercar rental, we have put together a unique vehicle fleet that includes exclusive vehicles. Many people not only will never be able to afford to buy such cars, but they will never even see them live since they are very rare in Dubai. With a sports car rental service, you get the following opportunities:

Feel the unforgettable emotions that a car of this class gives. Premium sports cars combine speed and comfort, which is a delight. On the one hand, you dominate the road in your sports car and can drive according to the principle of “no one in front”, and on the other hand, the car will delight you with convenience, attention to detail, and thoughtful ergonomics. Additionally, luxury sports car rental in Dubai is available at very cheap prices.


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President of Finance
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Executive Vice President
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Sales Manager

Uncompromising speed and electricity

Most of the cars in our range go from 0 to 100 in less than 5 seconds and have over 400 horsepower under the hood. Make your dream come true.. Believe me, it’s easier and more affordable than you think, and you can well indulge yourself with this luxury. With our sports car rental, you can practice cars that you have only seen in photos and movies before.

Attract attention to yourself.

A person in a sports car always stands out in the traffic, so a sports car can be used to make a statement and create a spectacular image. Showcasing a party in a car like this is a great way to impress others and be the center of attention.

Revel in the maximum superior generation

each such automobile is a work of art and an actual delight for the driver. The convenient control panel conceals many features that can be appreciated and felt while in the driver’s seat. With the help of renting a sports car, you can practically test the new products of the modern car industry.

Why you should rent a sports car?

Our clients prefer to rent such a car in Dubai for the following reasons:

Solemn events.

Primarily we are talking about weddings and related celebrations (bachelor party, etc.), but sports cars can also be a great gift for birthdays and other occasions.


This point is often also associated with weddings: taking pictures in sports cars is a popular trend. also, this pass is used by many image fashions to get dazzling photographs for a portfolio.

Meetings and occasions

Where you need to illustrate status and progressiveness. A sports car, like a luxury car, is a status indicator and allows you to create a certain image. If an executive car is a more traditional style, then an expensive sports car a more cutting-edge and competitive method that suits many attorneys, financiers, and other white collars. In this regard, sports car rental is quite in demand for business.

Benefits for you

Our fleet of vehicles contains famous and coveted sports cars in the excellent configuration. We take care of the machines, as a result, you get them to use in the best possible way and you can easily become the center of everyone’s attention. We focus on thoroughbred cars from legendary global brands: Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Nissan. Dodge, Ford, Audi, and others.

Sports cars are appreciated by many for their innovative technology. Others perceive them as toys for the brave and risk-takers. But no one remains indifferent, and it is obvious that such cars attract the attention of all lovers of colorful leisure. These cars are distinguished by the bestial power of the engine, accelerate to hundreds in miserable seconds and squeeze out speeds close to 300 km / h or even exceed this bar. An additional benefit is that luxury sports car rental in Dubai is available at very cheap prices.

Terms of renting sports cars in Dubai

The conditions are extremely simple. Choose the model you like in the catalog. Leave a request or call us. If you are going to Dubai from another city, please contact us in advance. After completing the official application, we will agree with you on all the conditions. You will need a passport and license, as well as pay a deposit for the car. Further, the car will be delivered at the appointed hour and at the place you specified. we will be happy that will help you make your desires come authentic. call us. At any location sports car rental Dubai is available such as Dubai airport, hotel, or at your office, etc.

Design and Specifications

Sports cars (sports cars) are the perfection of style and the highest advanced technologies. The impressive technical characteristics, beauty, and incredible power of these prestigious cars are simply amazing. Despite the high speed and dynamic qualities of these powerful beauties, their creators pay special attention to the maximum comfort and safety of both the driver and passengers.

In this regard, the best of the elite sports cars, in addition to their unsurpassed design, have solid interior equipment. This is necessary not only for ease of movement but also so that the driver has the opportunity to demonstrate to others his solvency and high social status. Unlike racing cars intends for motorsports, the operation of which is possible only on race tracks and race tracks. The sports car allows speed lovers to get unforgettable pleasure from driving around the city. The cost of representatives of this premium class is usually “transcendental”, so not every connoisseur of these luxury cars can afford such an expensive purchase.

Why is sports car rental in Dubai so popular?

If you dream of driving a sports car in Dubai, renting a sports car with a driver will be an excellent solution to this issue. After all, in order to enjoy the real power and incredible grace of a sports car, you don’t have to buy one. Even if you rent a sports car in Dubai for a few hours you can be convinced enough that it has no equal. Due to the popularity of sports car rental services for various events, luxury sports car rental in Dubai is available at very cheap prices.

If you have an extreme character and you like speed and drive, then we are ready to provide you with the best sports cars from our fleet on the most favorable terms. Renting a sports car with a driver in our company is a 100% guarantee of the high quality of the services provided. Another advantage dealing with us that we will deliver sports car rental in Dubai at any location such as Dubai airport, hotel, etc.

How to order a sports car in an exotic car rental Dubai?

If you are interested in the service of renting a sports car with a driver in Dubai, and you want to receive all the necessary information on renting a  sports car, call the phone number indicated on the website of our company. When concluding a sports car rental agreement, we will take into account all your requirements and wishes and help you choose a car that matches the style and specifics of the planned event.

Due to the fact that sports car rental in Dubai is a service in high demand, we recommend booking these cars in advance. You just have to tell us your location where we will deliver your sports car rental in Dubai such as Dubai airport, hotel or marriage hall, etc. A sports car, under the hood of which hundreds of horses hide. In addition, it associates with wealth and luxury, because such cars can only be found in the collections of millionaires. Additionally, if you reserve your car with us then we offer sports car rental in Dubai at very cheap prices.

Advantages of renting a sports car in Dubai

Renting a sports car on the roads of Dubai is always a winning option.

Attractive design, thanks to which a sports car can be easily distinguished from other executive cars

Exclusivity, which makes you feel special, in the spotlight on the city’s roads.
Our car fleet is ready to offer the ideal option,

a truly exclusive and luxurious phenomenon  – a sports car.

luxury sports car rental Dubai is available at cheap prices

Get intense emotions when renting a sports car

get sports car rental Dubai at any location such as Dubai airport

By ordering a sports car rental, you will experience the undeniable advantages of these cars. Sports cars are an aggressive combination of the latest technology, advanced materials. In addition, the latest developments of one of the piece concerns. With a visit to our salon, luxury is closer than you think. With us, you can not only amaze others but also really feel that the car is definitely worth its money.

Take a look at the sports car fleet and choose which one will spend the day with you tomorrow. All vehicles are undergoing maintenance and are always in excellent condition. We have warmed your patience for a long time and invite you to browse our catalogs.

Sports car rental Dubai with Driver

We do not create obstacles for admirers of excellent quality. Those who feel great about their strength on vacation are offered sports car rental with a driver in Dubai. The price in this situation is negotiated personally. In alternate for this, you’ll get an unforgettable feeling of an exceptional type of car. You just have to choose a sports car and the date of using a unique car. By the time specified in the contract, the car will be served. However, you can also rent a sports car without a driver. At any location sports car rental Dubai is available such as Dubai airport, hotel, or at your office, etc.

Sports car rental  – enjoy the luxury and adrenaline

If you are going to go to {city} and want to enjoy luxury, adrenaline, and speed, contact us. We will offer you to rent a prestigious sports car. Our company offers personalized service, 24/7 support, and personal driver services at the lowest prices. Call or leave a request on the website. We will contact you within 10 minutes at any time of the day or night.

What sports cars are available for rental in Dubai?

We have more than 150 prestigious cars in our fleet, more than 30 of them are sports cars. For example, we suggest renting:

Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider rental Dubai

Ferrari F8 Tributo Coupe rental dubai

Mclaren 720s Spider rental Dubai

Mclaren 570s Spider rental Dubai

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster rental Dubai

Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder rental Dubai

Ferrari Portofino rental Dubai

Ferrari 488 Spider rental Dubai

Keep in mind these are just some examples there are many other cars available for you. They are fully operational and safe, equipped with modern security systems, climate control, and multimedia. We regularly conduct a technical inspection, after each client, we inspect the car. Our company test it, send it to the car wash and dry cleaning. We will also appreciate the quality of service. Book a prestigious sports car online or contact us in any convenient way.

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