Car rental in Sharjah for a day

Car rental in Sharjah for a day

Exotic Car Rental Dubai

Exotic Car Rental Dubai is a reliable assistant and has unlimited freedom of movement. To use time effectively and choose the right car, we offer a few simple, but at the same time important, tips. Think about the route of the trip in advance and book the car of your choice. It is especially important to do this in advance and not in the middle of the season, on weekends or holidays. The question is where to rent a car in Dubai? Car rental in Sharjah for a day or for any duration is available for you at any time in our company. Either you want to rent a Ferrari car in Dubai or cheap luxury rental cars in  Dubai we are at your service. In addition, we have suv car rental services in Dubai also.


Car rental in Sharjah for a day

Demand for car rental services is growing steadily. Temporary or permanent absence of one’s own vehicle, lack of company cars, or other nuances can become a real problem at the fast pace of modern life. Renting a car helps if you need to go on long trips, meet relatives or go on vacation with family, pick up friends, organize an event or meet a business partner or important guest. Relatively inexpensive and affordable car rental in Sharjah on favorable terms – real salvation in the event of a breakdown or lack of a personal car.


Where to rent a car in Dubai?

Today, among tourists and travelers there is a significant demand for car rental in Dubai. According to the latest statistics, every year the number of people wishing to use car rental services increases by 15-20%, especially at Christmas, Easter, and during the summer holidays. In addition, car rentals are growing rapidly due to improved living standards and increased business activity.

Each situation requires a certain vehicle: for a large family, you need a jeep, for a romantic date – a convertible, for a business meeting – a luxury car. We can satisfy the desires of even the most demanding customer thanks to a large selection of vehicles from “economy” class to respectable cars ” VIP ” class.

Long-term car rental

All you need to do to sign a car rental agreement is present your passport and driver’s license. You do not need to leave them as collateral. However, not everyone can rent a car – there are restrictions on age and driving experience. When renting a car for rent in Sharjah, a contract concludes. It describes the basic rules of rental and actions of the driver in the event of an insured event. Either you want to rent a Ferrari car in Dubai or cheap luxury rental cars in  Dubai we are at your service. In addition, we have suv car rental services in Dubai also.

What documents are required to register a lease in Sharjah?

A passport (age of a citizen – from 21 years), a driver’s license (driving experience – from 2 years), a bank name card a required to block the cash deposit.

What is the cost of rent?

The cost depends on the car model terms and duration of the rental, availability of additional services. One of the advantages of long-term car rental is the price. The longer, the more profitable. The deposit also blocks the collateral value of the car, which depends on its class. The amount unlocks immediately after returning the car in compliance with all rules and requirements of the contract. Part of the deposit can be written off in case of damage to the car, loss of documents, or keys. Late or incomplete returns, as well as unscheduled additional services, are usually also paid from this amount.

What advantages does exotic car rental Dubai offer?

Our company offers car booking in Sharjah, the availability of different models and brands. We have cars of different capacities and statuses for any occasion or task. We have compact smart cars for easy movement around the city and spacious family cars for country trips. There are also executive class cars for business needs.

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available 64 cars


Your advantages with Exotic Car Rental

At Exotic Cars:
up to 24 hours before collection

We have a new service – car delivery to the client. Now it’s even easier to rent a car, order the car you like, negotiate the place and time of delivery with our manager, and – our car is at your service exactly when and where you need it!

All machines and equipment are in excellent condition


What do you need to be able to rent a vehicle?

All you need to book a vehicle is just contact us and fill in some requirements.

The main driver’s credit card. Please ensure that the credit card has a sufficient credit limit for the security deposit for the rental car. Every motive force should have the ability to expose its valid driving force’s license. Your identification or passport so that you can perceive yourself to the owner. Additionally, you have to tell us about the location and time and your car will be reserved.

Where can I get my car delivered?

At the reservation, you just have to tell us your location and your arrival time and your car will be delivered to your specified location at the exact time. Likewise, the pickup of the car is also free of charge anywhere in Dubai. Moreover, we have cheap suv car rentals in Dubai. Car rental in Sharjah for a day is available for you.

What do I have to consider when choosing my rental car?

Space: A rental car with enough space for all passengers and luggage makes driving much more pleasant.
Fuel policy: you don’t want to go far? You can save a lot of money with the same filling fuel policy.
Location: A rental car station directly at the airport is definitely the most convenient solution.

How old do you have to be to rent a car from your rental company?

Drivers over the age of 21 who have held a valid driver’s license for more than a year are welcome. For some groups, the driver must be at least 25 years old.

How can I make a booking?

The process is very simple. You will tell us about your required car. By just texting us your driving license passport, location and time your call will be booked. Our friendly staff is here to make sure you get the best price.

What are factors influencing rental car cost?

Following are the factors influencing rental car cost

duration of the rental
car selection
protection options and extras
additional kilometers
damage to the vehicle

chauffeur service in Dubai

When are the vehicles cheapest?

We generally recommend that you book the vehicle as early as possible. The booking is risk-free for you, as the booking can be canceled free of charge up to before the rental. As a rule, vehicles get more expensive the closer they get to the rental date. High season times or public holidays and vacation times are also popular rental dates, which can lead to higher prices. In addition, a vehicle category can sometimes be fully booked when there are high demands. Car Rental in Sharjah is also available Moreover, we have some cheap suv car rentals, convertible sports car rental in Dubai with some best car rental deals. In addition, you can hire a luxury car in Sharjah with us at a very reasonable price.

For what duration i can rent the car?

If we talk about the duration it’s all up to you. Whether you want to rent a car on an hourly basis for your short trip or you can take it monthly for your longer stay in Dubai.However. cars are also available on a daily and weekly basis. Car rental in Sharjah for a day or for any duration is available for you.

Which vehicle category is suitable for a round trip?

For round trips, we recommend spacious groups of vehicles such as SUV car rental Dubai. Rather, book a slightly higher vehicle group. The comfort gained when traveling (motorization, space, equipment) pays off. Also, keep in mind that you will need a lot of storage space for your luggage as you will have to transport it from accommodation to accommodation. Moreover, you can rent a car in Dubai at a very cheap price.

what have to i do if my flight is not on time?

It is fundamentally important that you inform us of the correct arrival time with the flight number of your flight when booking your flight so that we can hand over your rental car to you at the airport. Please inform us by contacting us on the same number on which you will reserve your car if your arrival at your destination is delayed. This is the only way we can hand over your rental vehicle to you after landing.

Can you guarantee that there are no hidden costs in car rental?

Yes. All our prices include rental cars.

Can I reserve a specific vehicle model from a group?

Although our rental company is under no obligation to provide a specific make or model of vehicle, we will do our best to ensure that we can deliver the vehicle you require. Of course, this always depends on the availability and last-minute planning. From rent Lamborghini Dubai to Ferrari rental Dubai our company offers all types of cars. We have some cheap suv car rentals, convertible sports car rental Dubai with some best car rental deals. Additionally, you can hire a luxury car in Sharjah with us at a very cheap price.

CAN i also drive alone? (WITHOUT A DRIVER)?

yes sure, you can drive your favorite car by yourself without a driver. But for this, you should have an international driving license. However, you can also a car with a driver also. So, at exotic car rental Dubai, you have both options either you can rent a car with or without a driver. Moreover, we have the best chauffeur service in Dubai